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Il punto critico di iPhone è la sua poca efficacia nell'uso della batteria. L'articolo riportato è molto, molto utile per sapere come non avere problemi a far durare iPhone una giornata intera (e a volte abche di più). Per comodità riporto due paragrafi particolarmente importanti. Nel blog indicato al campo URL tutto il testo dell'utilissimo articolo.

There have been reports that resetting specific settings on your iPhone will help restore battery life. Worth a shot if you have seen a decline in usage per charge cycle.

As Posted by ThaSpaz here:
*** Warning: Do not hit Erase all Content and Settings *** Guess what that does

Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset all Settings
I have selected "Reset all Settings" and Here are my findings. Enjoy!

#1 - It reset my home screen icon positions
#2 - It reset my network settings
#3 - Did not remove my Safari bookmarks
#4 - Mail settings stayed
#5 - iPod settings are back to default
#6 - Store sign-in settings reset. I am signed out.
#7 - Backlight is back to 50%
#8 - All General settings are back to default
#9 - Wallpaper is still intact
#10 - Sounds have been set to default.
#11 - Notes are still intact
#12 - Photos are still intact
#13 - SMS message conversations unchanged
#14 - Phone favorites unchanged
#15 - Third party app settings remain untouched (I'm still logged into Twitterrific and all my settings are the same)

Testing For Defective Batteries

As for defective batteries. First and foremost, charge from the wall. I tried charging my iPhone from my iMac and had a 20% charge the next morning. I'm not saying you can't successfully charge from your computer, but to diagnose a problem, I would give the wall charger a shot.

#1 - Reset your iPhone. (To perform a soft reset, press and hold the iPhone’s Sleep/Wake button and the Home button for several seconds, or until you see the Apple logo on the screen)
#2 - Fully charge your battery.
#3 - Fully drain the battery.
#4 - Fully charge, again.
#5 - At this point, your battery indicator should be more accurate.
#6 - If your battery is still really weak, head to the Apple Store to potentially exchange your iPhone. (1 year warranty)


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