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Due varianti, una MAC e una WIN, a seconda del computer di cui dispondete-

I used a 8gb scan disk cruzer I´ve heard you can also do it with a 4gb stick but I have´nt tryed it.



1)So the first thing I did was to remove the software that comes with the usb stick , to remove it you have to go to this site and download the unistall programm formatting will not get the job done!

2)I downloaded this: and formated my usb stick to FAT32 

3) I opened the installer its in chinese but theres a pic in the folder with it that tells you what is what.

4) Selected my iso file in my case ideneb 1v3. The tricky thing ist to get the "start" button to work. I´ve noticed that if I unchecked the box next to the drive and selected another drive for example c: it would work. After that I just selected my USB drive check the box and pressed start

5)The rest of the installation I just followed the steps in the guide



1) I opened in utilities the Disc Utility. I selected my USB stick from the left column and then at the erease tab I selected Mac OS Extended (Journaled) 

2)When it was finished at the tab where it says Restore I selected in source my iso file and in destination my USB stick. It took about 10 minutes

3) After it was done I installed the Chameleon 2.0 boot loader on the usb stick. 

You can find the boot loader here:


In both cases I restarted and in bios I selected as primary boot my USB stick

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